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Security Cameras

Security Cameras  – Video Surveillance

Home security cameras in Phoenix AZ are an important part of security at any home. Our Alarm.com and Ring Security Cameras allow you to:

  • Know When Packages Arrive
  • Have Motion Activated Video Clips
  • See Who Rings Your Doorbell
  • Keep An Eye On Your Home While You’re Away
  • Save Money On Homeowners Insurance
  • Keep An Eye On Loved Ones When You Can’t Be Home and more!

It starts with our security cameras. These are HD-quality IP cameras that capture virtually everything, both day and night. They are like having a set of eyes watching the outside of your home 24 hours a day.

Then there’s the cloud-based recording system. All video footage goes safely to the cloud, where it will not be lost and you can access it at any time. The system offers video monitoring and verification. We make sure that you are experiencing an actual intrusion or unauthorized invasion and let the police know fast.

Connected to the Internet, smart video cameras let you watch live feeds from home on your phone, tablet or computer, no matter where you are. These popular connected devices let you check in on the daily things that you would otherwise miss, like the kids coming home from school or a new pet at home.

Because they know a false alarm is unlikely, they’ll respond faster and the chances of finding the criminal rise. Many cases, just the presence of security cameras is enough to send a potential intruder elsewhere.

There are a lot of different camera types and features. Make sure you understand your options and needs before you buy. Here are some of the most common types and feature considerations:

  • Indoor Pan and Tilt Night vision with Infrared
  • Wireless Outdoor
  • HD Recording
  • Motion Capture Local recording
  • Retro fit*

At JPG we will be able to help find the right fit of any security camera for your home or business video monitoring needs

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